Become a Salesforce CPQ Specialist

Funded training, certifications, and work placements with some of the world’s biggest brands in Salesforce

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We’ll help you launch an incredible career in the cloud. Our fully-funded two-year cross-training program will equip you with training, Salesforce certifications, and experience working with one or more of our clients, including market-leading companies, tech giants, and Salesforce end-users.

Become a certified Salesforce CPQ Specialist

The Salesforce software CPQ that’s taken the world by storm stands for Configure, Price, Quote. It’s invaluable in providing sales teams with accurate pricing that takes into account important variables, such as optional features, customizations, quantities, and discounts. Salesforce CPQ specialists are instrumental in this process, with amazing career opportunities for those who wish to cross-train in this technology. Interested?  

What happens during the training?

You don’t need any prior experience with Salesforce to cross-train with us. Our two-year career program will equip you with the technical skills and consulting know-how you’ll need to start a fantastic new career as CPQ Specialist. It includes: 

CPQ Specialist pathway

During your first weeks with us, you’ll cover a broad range of approaches for customizing Salesforce, configuring the platform, managing users, and looking for ways to get even more out of its features and capabilities. You’ll spend the following few weeks learning how to configure bundles, product and price rules; identifying appropriate pricing methods, based on a scenario; configuring a dynamic quote template; generating renewal and amendment quotes; utilizing the ordering and contracting processes; and many other essential components of the Salesforce CPQ Specialist role. The last few weeks of the program will consist of extensive consultancy training to give you the skills and confidence to make you industry-ready before we deploy you for a work placement with one of our clients.

Role and responsibilities

Salesforce CPQ specialists have a strategic mindset and a passion for problem-solving. Effective communicators, they engage with stakeholders across all levels, including project managers, product owners, SMEs, and internal delivery teams. Their day-to-day duties include:

Certifications available through this pathway

During your first eight weeks at Revolent, you’ll complete the following industry training and funded certifications:

What happens after the training?

Once you’ve completed the two-year training program with us, you’ll be an experienced and sought-after Salesforce CPQ Specialist. From here, the sky’s the limit.

You can:

Join the client

and take your place as a permanent employee

Stay with Revolent

and progress into a more senior role

Start your own cloud journey

and choose your next adventure

Salary expectations for Salesforce CPQ Specialists after training with Revolent

CPQ Specialists are in high demand, with incredible salaries on offer once fully trained, certified, and with a couple of years of work experience under their belt. In the US, CPQ Specialists can earn anywhere between $50,354 – $114,300 per year, depending on their skills and experience.  




Career progression opportunities for CPQ Specialists

There are great career progression opportunities for certified and experienced CPQ Specialists. With additional certifications and plenty of work experience in your arsenal, you could look to progress as a Salesforce Admin, Salesforce Consultant, or Salesforce Revenue Cloud Consultant. 

Support and Development at Revolent

We’ll support you throughout your time with us, and beyond. You’ll have an assigned Development Coach who will guide you as you navigate your new career in the cloud. Whilst you’re working on a client site, we’ll conduct regular check-in sessions to make sure you’re fully supported. We’ll also help you gain extra certifications, as and when needed.

Application criteria for this program

We’re looking for experienced and highly motivated tech professionals with some of the following experience and knowledge:

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