Become a certified Copado Developer with Revolent

Become a certified Salesforce Copado Developer and progress onto a job placement with some of the world’s best-known brands

Welcome to Revolent

We’ll help you launch an incredible career in the cloud. Our fully-funded two-year cross-training program will equip you with training, Salesforce and Copado certifications, and experience working with one or more of our clients, including market-leading companies, tech giants, and Copado end-users.

Take your place as a certified Salesforce Copado Developer with Revolent

Copado is an end-to-end DevOps solution that brings together Salesforce Admins, Architects, and Developers on one platform. As more global brands harness this technology to drive innovation and deliver high-quality customer experiences, the opportunity to forge an incredible career fusing together Salesforce knowledge with a Copado-specific skill set, is endless. Interested?


What happens during the training?

You don’t need any prior experience with Copado or Salesforce to cross-train with us. Our two-year career program will equip you with the technical skills and consulting knowledge you’ll need to embark on an exciting career as a Salesforce Copado Developer. It includes:

Salesforce Copado Developer pathway

During your first weeks with us, you’ll learn how to customize the Salesforce platform, work with data, create dashboards and reports, and automate a host of business processes to maximize the application’s full capabilities.  

As the program progresses, you’ll also delve into business logic customizations, programmatic solutions, and how to use the platform’s built-in testing framework. Your training will also cover fundamentals relating to the Salesforce development lifecycle with Copado, and how to implement and commit changes using this tool.   

Last but not least, you’ll undergo extensive consultancy skills training, developing essential consultancy skills before you start working at our client’s site.

Role and responsibilities

Effective communicators, Salesforce Copado Developers support the development, configuration, and maintenance of Copado’s low-code platform to unleash the full power of Salesforce and SaaS clouds.  Their day-to-day responsibilities include:

Certifications available through this pathway

Over two years, we’ll fund and support you to earn the following certifications:

Support and Development at Revolent

To ensure you become the very best at what you do, we’ll give you access to our world-class support and development suite, and support you to gain further industry certifications during your time with us  

What happens after the training?

Once you’ve completed the two-year training program with us, you’ll be an experienced and sought-after Salesforce Copado Developer.

From here, the sky’s the limit.

You can:

Join the client

and take your place as a permanent employee

Stay with Revolent

and progress into a more senior role

Embark on your own cloud journey

and choose your next adventure

Salary expectations for Salesforce Copado Developers after training with Revolent

Salesforce Copado Developers are highly sought-after, with incredible salaries on offer once fully trained, certified, and with a couple of years’ of work experience under their belt. In the US, Salesforce Copado Developers can expect to earn $99,250 – $126,750 annually in a junior role, increasing to $126,750 – $174,500 in a senior position. Freelancers and contractors can expect to earn between $91 – $155 per hour.



Career progression opportunities for Salesforce Copado Developers

Excellent career progression opportunities are available to certified and experienced Salesforce Copado Developers, and you could progress into a Senior Salesforce Developer, Tech Lead or Salesforce Architect role. The most in-demand industries currently include fintech, financial services, telecommunications, utilities, e-commerce, media, and retail. 

Application criteria for this program

We’re looking for experienced and highly motivated tech professionals with at least some of the following:

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